The two day programme meets the GDC’s requirements for verifiable CPD and is subject to Quality Assurance. The programme meets GDC Development Outcomes A, B, C and D.

Learning Content

  • Presentations on challenges in fixed, removable and implant retained prostheses
  • Presentations on clincial excellence networks, the commissioning guide, setting up a service, and working with the media
  • Presentations on managing spaces from an orthodontic and oral surgery approach

Aims and Objectives

  • Outline the multidisciplinary nature of managing edentulous spaces
  • Update on clinical excellence networks, and the Restorative Dentistry commissioning guide
  • Describe how to work with the media
  • Describe how to manage a Consultant clinic

Development Outcomes

This course meets the criteria for GDC Develompent Outcomes A, B, C and D